I just can't seem to get an answer . . .

When you have lost almost everything to a natural disaster, whether it be tornado, hurricane, fire or floods, its hard to get things done the way you want them too. Not every insurance company is out to help you and make things right. There are insurance companies that will go above and beyond to help your family get back to a normal life, but for those that just seem to drag their feet, or give you answers that just don't seem right, we're here to answer your call.

With over 25 years combined experience dealing with insurance companies, our staff can easily assist you in getting back your insurance claims processed and cut through all the red tape. If you have had a natural disaster:

  1. Read Your Policy
  2. Contact insurance company or agent as soon as possible to report your loss & get claim number
  3. Document all contacts
  4. Keep company informed of your whereabouts if you relocate
  5. Make repairs to prevent further damag
  6. Make a list of property that is damaged or destroyed
  7. Document every loss & take pictures on a disposable camera
  8. Find original receipts/bills and save future receipts (e.g., temporary housing, travel, meals, etc.) to submit with claim
  9. Request that adjuster come survey property
  10. Avoid discarding items until adjuster has visited your home
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We offer Free consultation and Free on-site evaluations. We will come to you to discuss what can be done!

We can also come and speak at your group event. This will allow more people to be informed and educated about how to handle their claims.